School Field Trips



  • A classroom field trip is for children ages 2 to 11 (preschool through 5th grade) enrolled in a public school, private school, preschool, or child day care. At least 10 children, ages 2 and up, and one teacher are required for the school group field trip rate. Teachers must accompany the class.
  • Rates for classroom field trips are ONLY available on Friday, October 21 from 9am to 3:30pm only, when schools are in session.
  • Only 1 Teacher/Chaperone for every 10 students will receive complimentary admission.  
  • Additional Parent/Adult chaperones or volunteers must pay separately for themselves.
  • Same day re-admission policy: The field trip rate does NOT include same-day re-admission into the festival.
  • Field Trip Rates are only guaranteed for advance school group reservations.

Teachers may lead their students through the FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS:

  • To see the educational displays about Pumpkins, Cow Facts, and Corn Info
  • Navigate through the Cornstalk & Hay Maze
  • Dressing Up Scarecrows
  • Ride Our Carnival Rides


  1. Pumpkin Harvest (Fun for all ages: Pre-K 2 to 5th Grade) This is a teacher-guided experience at the Patch with no sit-down lesson. Look for the “Pumpkin Signs” throughout the festival grounds as these indicate a teaching opportunity for an at-the-patch lesson.
  2. Pumpkin Picasso (Fun for all ages: Pre-K 2 to 5th Grade) This 30-minute hands-on art activity will take place in the Pumpkin Decorating Tent, and it will give students a chance to let their imaginations fly! Each student on this tour will receive their own mini pumpkin to keep, and we will provide markers, stencils, pipe cleaners, jewels and more so that they can turn their pumpkins into their own works of art!
  3. Ooey Gooey Pumpkins – The Science Behind Chemical Reactions (Fun for all ages: Pre-K 2 to 5th Grade) There are few science demonstrations that excite children more than chemical reactions! By the end of this 30-minute lesson, students should be able to explain changes in energy during chemical reactions.
  4. Forces & Energy –  Pumpkin Powered Roller Coasters (Fun for ages: 2nd to 5th Grade) It’s never too early to begin cultivating STEM interest in our students. This 30-minute interactive lesson has student investigate the different ways things move, and students will solve questions individually and collaboratively using models!

There is a lot to experience at the Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch (allow at least 1 to 3 hours)! Please know Field Trips are ONLY offered on Friday, October 21, from 9:00am-3:30pm

School Field Trip Reservation Form

Complete the reservation form and email it to us! If you have any questions, contact our Field Trip Coordinator at CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SCHOOL FIELD TRIP RESERVATION FORM.  

Field Trip Prices

A minimum of one-week notice is required to receive education rates. Prices are valid for schools only. If reservations are not made prior to the field trip date, full admission will be charged. All prices are subject to 7% sales tax. Tax exempt schools must provde the Field Trip Coordinator with a copy of their Tax Exempt Certificate prior to the field trip date. A $100 deposit is due at the time of the reservation, and the remaining fees can be paid on-site at the entrance of the festival with an official school check. 

Quick & Easy Advance Check-In
Bypass the event day check-in by paying in advance! If paid in full 1 week in advance, your admission wristbands will be mailed directly to your school. When you arrive on the day of your field trip, with your wristbands on, unload, check in with greeter at front entrance, and proceed as a group through the admission gates. The wristbands serve as your admission ticket. If you have some last minute add-ons or late arrivals, such as additional parents, they can pay on their own at the Entrance Tent and join the group at a designated time or place. If you need a refund for any child or adult who was not able to attend, simply return the unused wristbands to the entrance ticket booth (BEFORE you enter the festival) and our staff will send a refund to the school. All refunds must be processed on the day of your field trip BEFORE you enter the festival

Payment via check can be mailed in advance, with “Order #” in the Memo section.

Classroom Check-In (If Paying Day of Event)
Upon arrival, one teacher should check in at the Entrance Tent to pay, and receive the wristbands for admission. Please have the other teachers and volunteers wait in the bus. After checking in, have everyone put on the Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival wristband and unload from the bus. Everyone must be wearing a wristband to pass through the admissions gate.

Amount of Time
School groups may stay until 3:30 pm if time permits. Some groups stay for lunch and other groups stay 2 to 3 hours (before or after lunch).

You may bring in your own lunches, purchase school group lunches when you make your reservation, or buy your lunches at any of the food locations at the festival. Our school group lunch options are the $5 Hot Dog Meal (Including 1 Hot Dog, 1 Bag of Chips & 1 Capri Sun), or the $6 Grilled Cheese Meal (Including 1 Grilled Cheese Sandwich, 1 Bag of Chips & 1 Capri Sun).

School group lunches at the above listed rates are only available via advance registration.